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How I discovered the best way to stop snoring


My name is Ori Shohat, the founder of

I would like to share my story of how I cured my chronic snoring problem and discovered the best way to stop snoring

I am a 49-year-old man from Israel and happily married with four children. I'm a heavy snorer, suffering from all the symptoms of a chronic snorer - fatigue and exhaustion, lack of concentration, falling asleep during the day, weight gain, and having to sleep in a separate room from my wife.

In an effort to save my marriage and safeguard my health and wellbeing, my doctor sent me to a sleep laboratory for tests where I was astounded by the results. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea after I stopped breathing 38 times in an hour and suffered from a 15% reduction in oxygen to my blood while sleeping. 

Due to the danger to my health, I started looking for a convenient and immediate solution to my snoring. I tried an enormous array of devices and patents for snoring until I finally discovered a simple mouthpiece device that fits in your mouth and gently stabilizes the tongue. From the first day I used it, I found that my snoring decreased drastically. 

This was confirmed by the SnoreLab application that records and tracks snoring patterns.

Before I used the new device my SnoreLab Snore Score was 117. A day after using it my score dropped to 28 ! 

Tracking-snoring-level Snoring-result

Before using SnoreSaver - anti snoring mouthpiece My SnoreLab score: 117.

1 Day after using SnoreSaver My SnoreLab score: 28.

The first day after I used the device, I felt wonderful - alert, sharp and revitalized. In one day I had come back to life. It was amazing.

 Added to this, after a few months my weight returned to normal and I felt re-energized, no longer needing to take a midday nap just to get through the day. This has worked wonders for my marriage and my business. 

This simple anti snoring mouthpiece changed my life and I decided to share my experience with the millions of people who suffer from snoring and assure them that there is hope and that snoring can be treated. 

Yes, for some people it may take two weeks to get used to the device. 

Yes, some snorers cannot use the device for more than 1 to 2 hours at a time.

BUT, for more than 95% of snorers this simple anti snoring mouthpiece will change their life, the same way it worked for me.

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