Lifetime Warranty

At SnoreSaver, our products are symbols of unique craftsmanship and innovative design, with excellence and quality in each product our utmost priority. Yet, while we guarantee impeccable quality, we also remain aware of the chance of human error. Therefore, with our excellent customer care service; we treat our clients exactly as the kings they are with holistic warranty provisions.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our products’ warranty claims:

Q. What does the SnoreSaver Lifetime Warranty cover?

We provide coverage for life against any manufacturer’s defects for:

  1. Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

In case of an issue in a SnoreSaver's product, all you need to do is bring our product straight to us without trying to wind your way through the defect yourself – and we will fix or replace it for you!

Q. Are there any particularities in Lifetime Warranty we should be wary of when purchasing from SnoreSaver?

Yes, SnoreSaver will not be liable to pay claims of Lifetime Warranty in case of:

  • Normal Depreciation: Color/Material fading and wearing out of the product depends upon product usage and care, and thus is not covered.
  • Product Usage Other Than That Specified: Our products are guaranteed for their designated uses only. Do not use products for other purposes other than it was designed form if you do, it may lead to damaging the product. Thus, it cannot be held liable in case it defaults performing any other function.

The decisions for warranty of products purchased from SnoreSaver remain at the disposition of SnoreSaver.

Placing customer care as the top priority at SnoreSaver, we go the extra mile in assisting our clients. If your product is not within the criteria for a warranty replacement, rest assured. We can find a way out together – perhaps also offer you a discount in our new product range, at our discretion. If you have a warranty claim, reach out to us at our Help Center or submit your claim below, and we will get back to you.

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