Frequently Asked Questions

An Essential Resource for Users of SnoreSaver.

We recommend that you read these most commonly asked questions before purchasing the SnoreSaver mouthpiece and refer back to them as often as you wish. By doing so, you can make informed decisions on whether the SnoreSaver is right for you and achieve the best results with the mouthpiece.

+How does SnoreSaver work?

The SnoreSaver mouthpiece is a simple one-piece, non-custom oral appliance. The mouthpiece can be comfortably retained within the mouth while sleeping. The device has a flange that fits between the lips and teeth and a bulb with an aperture (opening) that holds the tongue. Once the bulb is squeezed to reduce the air volume, a vacuum is formed which keeps the tongue comfortably retained within the bulb. It is this forward retention of the tongue that helps keep the upper airways open, which in turn reduces snoring.

Using SnoreSaver is easy:

  1. Simply place the device between your teeth.
  2. Put your tongue inside the bulbous.
  3. Use your fingers to apply pressure to the bulbous section that sits between your lips.
  4. When you release the pressure, the resulting suction pulls the tongue forward and
  5. holds it in place.


+What is the SnoreSaver made of?

The SnoreSaver mouthpiece is made of plastic commonly used in the fabrication of oral appliances. This resin has undergone ISO-certified medical device testing to confirm the material is safe for its intended use and has been cleared by the EEA (European Economic Area) for this purpose; the material is free of BPA and BJA. We can’t disclose the exact composition of our product as it is proprietary so we hope that this explanation is helpful.

+What is the SnoreSaver 60-days satisfaction guarantee?

We stand behind the SnoreSaver mouthpiece and are committed to your satisfaction. While the SnoreSaver solution works for most people, we recognize that it does not work for everyone. If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, you make take advantage of our 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Simply follows our Return Procedure.

+User Instructional Illustration

+User Instructions

When using the SnoreSaver for the first time clean it thoroughly.


  • Just before falling asleep, place the flange of the appliance between lips and front teeth.
  • Squeeze the bulb with thumb and first finger while sucking the air out of the bulb.
  • Insert the tip of the tongue into the end of the bulb while releasing your thumb and finger.
  • Relax your tongue


To remove the appliance, gently squeeze the bulb and remove the tongue from the bulb.

+User Guidelines   

It is recommended that you practice good oral hygiene every day and consider the following:

  • Some people may experience excessive salivation and tender oral mucosa and tongue during initial use.
  • If you are bothered by wearing the SnoreSaver mouthpiece and wake up during the night, remove the appliance from your mouth and resume sleeping. With each night, you should be able to sleep longer with the device.
  • If suction seems too low or high, modify the amount of air in the bulb during the placement of the tongue.

+Do all clients experience the same suction from the SnoreSaver mouthpiece bulb?

Every person is different, so the mouthpiece can have some variation for each user. Some may find that the device suctions too strongly and makes their tongue sore at first, while others might feel the device does not have enough suction to keep their tongue in the proper position all night. If suction seems too high, most will find adding a bit more air to the bulb during placement of the tongue to be more comfortable. If suction seems too low, we suggest adding a small dab of olive oil in the bulb to create a better seal. With a bit of adjustment, and time for the body to become used to the mouthpiece, most users reach what we call the “Goldilocks Zone” where everything is just right, and the SnoreSaver solution is both effective and comfortable enough for use all night, every night.

+Is the SnoreSaver difficult to get used to wearing?

 Typically, the adjustment period could take up to 2 weeks of consistent use. It is perfectly normal to experience some for your tongue, gums, and mouth to feel moderately sore at first. This discomfort is much like getting used to braces or a retainer for the first time. However, it is not normal to experience severe, sharp, or ongoing pain. If you experience these problems discontinue use immediately and contact your health care professional.

+What do I do if the SnoreSaver solution falls out of my mouth at night?

 When you first start to use the SnoreSaver solution, you may have a period of adjustment to be able to get used to sleeping with the device – during this period, the device may fall out of your mouth during sleep. If this occurs, we recommend you practice wearing the device for a short period (10-15 minutes) of time during the “awake” hours. This way you can practice breathing and swallowing with the device, and adjusting the suction to find the right suction. Repeat this until you feel confident that you could retain the device in your mouth while you sleep. The adjustment period varies from person to person – some people get used to wearing the device right away and the device stays in place all night, while others may require up to 2 weeks to get completely comfortable using the device.

+When ordering, how safe is my personal information?

Our site uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to fully encrypt all personal information sent during the check-out process. For more detailed information on how we safely secure all your information, please consult our Privacy Policy.

+How do I proceed through the check-out process?

Once you've finished adding items to your Shopping Bag, simply click the "Buy Now" button on the Shopping Bag page and we'll guide you through our straightforward check-out process.

+ What is your return policy?

Very Simple.
First, try SnoreSaver for 60 nights and we're confident that - like the 2 million+ customers already using our device - you’ll be completely satisfied. If however, you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you may return the device within 60 days from the date of purchase for a Full Refund.