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Years of scientific research and technological development have proven one fact: - Snoring Can Be Solved!

And so today, for the first time, anyone can enjoy a healthy, relaxing, peaceful night’s sleep, every night using our scientifically tested and proven anti-snoring moutpiece solution.


Sleeping well allows your body to heal, allows you feel more alert and energized, and boosts your overall mood, helping you to be more productive during the day.

Jane Poster enjoying her restful sleep after using SnoreSaver's mouthpiece.

Scientific Research

According to data from the American Sleep Association, nearly half of all Americans report snoring. For those that snore or their partners kept awake by the noise, the loss of sleep takes a toll on the body. Disrupted sleep patterns have shown an increase in anxiety and depression. They also lead to a weakened immune system, obesity, and greater risk of stroke.

Snoring causes a great deal of problems, both for the person that snores and anyone within earshot that can’t get proper sleep. When someone is snoring, their body isn’t in a true state of sleep. Tests conducted on people who snore reveal that brain waves aren’t in the same sleep patterns as those that don’t snore. When snoring, the brain waves mirror those of someone who is wide awake and working. This is why someone that snores feels tired upon waking, like they never slept.

 Additionally, headaches, daytime drowsiness, hypertension, and impotence plague those that keep snoring. It affects anyone they share sleeping space with as well. Stopping snoring now can greatly improve health and well-being. Thankfully with the innovations of a clinically-proven new device, snoring may soon become a thing of the past.


SnoreSave - The Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece
This patent can change your life.

Our Solution


The SnoreSaver is a mouthpiece designed for comfort. It’s made from a small silicone piece that fits in the mouth to gently pull the tongue between the lips. What makes it unique is the simple patent that stabilizes the tongue in this manner which creates a vacuum. As it creates the vacuum, it opens the airway up, keeping snoring from happening during sleep. It does so without interfering with the position of the jaws and mouth as well. This is why it is so effective, and with its simplicity, is convenient as well. Doctors and respected sleep clinics around the world have tested it out and recommend the SnoreSaver for those in need of a safe, effective snoring solution.


SnoreSave - The Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece
This patent can change your life.